By Suzanne Monaghan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Parking Authority has brought back a widely popular parking app.

Meter Up allows users to pay by phone for public parking. Deputy Executive Director Corinne O’Connor says the service includes a 40 cent convenience fee.

“It does help when you are stuck in a meeting, tied up in a doctor’s appointment, that you could be in that location and not run out to the kiosk and re-up your time,” she said.

Designated areas are marked with Meter Up Signs and drivers need to make sure they put the correct zone and plate number in the app.

“One side of the street could have one zone number and one side could have another zone number, so we’re trying to let people know they should be very careful,” O’Connor said.

The service is currently available in parts of Center City and University City, with plans to expand the program citywide over the next four months.