By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -The Eagles’ team plane, with the injured Carson Wentz on board, landed in Philadelphia Monday morning. And many fans, who made the trip out west for the game, returned as well.

KYWs Tim Jimenez went to Philly International to talk l to fans about potentially losing the star quarterback for the season.

From all accounts from these red-eye travelers, it was a terrific atmosphere, The LA Coliseum filled with fiery Eagles fans for the division clincher.

“It was a win, but a bigger loss. Loss for the season,” said a fan.

Carson Wentz going down to injury.

Dan from Atlantic City recalls the moment he knew something was wrong.

“When I saw him walk to the locker room right in front of us. You could see the hobble in him and his head was down, so didn’t look good from there,” he said.

But the fans we spoke with were less “Here we go again” but more, “OK, here we go.”

“Got to keep the faith. I still have faith we can do it. We can do it,” said one fan.

“We got a good schedule coming up. Again, we’ll see what Nick can do.”

Nick, as in Nick Foles, who Eagles fans hoped, not too long ago, would be the one to lead them to the Super Bowl.