CBS Local — The two-month mystery is officially over. The makers of Oreo cookies have revealed that its secret flavor is “Fruity Pebbles cereal” and one lucky fan is going to be $50,000 richer for correctly guessing the mystery creme filling.

Oreo, which is made by snacks company Nabisco, launched the mystery flavor contest in October. The cookie maker gave its fans until Nov. 30 to send their guesses to Oreo online or via text message.

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“Thanks to all of the great detective work, we’ve cracked the case of the OREO and Fruity PEBBLES cereal Mystery,” the company wrote on their website during the reveal. Oreo added that a grand prize winner will be picked from all of the correct guesses and that person will receive their $50,000 prize “on or around December 11.”

Five people will also be chosen to receive a $10,000 runner-up prize from the snack company. Many other people who “twisted-and-licked” for a chance at the cash prize came up just short of a winning guess and submitted answers like Fruit Loops, lemonade, and Fruit Stripe gum.

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“It was a mystery for the ages. That is, the stone ages,” Oreo added on their Facebook page.