By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — According to recent weather models, there are no real strong signals yet that the Philadelphia-area will see substantial snow, but cold temperatures give room for a possibility.

The chances that the area will at least see some flakes fly amidst holiday prep is unclear at the moment, according to Eyewitness News meteorologist Katie Fehlinger.

The potential storm is coming Friday evening and goes into Saturday.

“There’s still a chance of snow showers around the Delmarva peninsula and southern New Jersey,” explained Fehlinger.

The storm could bring snow showers to the southeastern most counties of the area.

Fehlinger added residents should expect cold air causing a drop in the temperature throughout mid-December.

“If you have the cold, at least you have one piece of the snow puzzle, if you’re looking for snow eventually,” Fehlinger said.

But she adds it is too far away to guarantee a White Christmas.