By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Sunday’s game is huge.

Just how big is it, mathematically? This big.

With a win, the Eagles would improve to 11-2, and would have a 96-percent chance at earning a first-round bye in the playoffs, according to With a loss, their chances at a bye would drop to 40-percent.

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The Rams (9-3) would have a 39-percent chance at a bye with a win, and just a 1-percent chance with a loss. Furthermore, their chances at winning the division would drop to 38-percent with a loss to the Eagles, making the Seahawks the new NFC South favorites.

As for winning the Super Bowl — which is still a ways away — the Eagles would have a 16-percent chance with a win over the Rams, but still an eight percent chance if they were to lose.

The Eagles are two-point underdogs on Sunday at the Los Angeles Rams.

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