HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — The Liquor Control Board says next month, it will begin using new enforcement authority granted by state law, and that owners of establishments should prepare now.

The new law was prompted by concerns about “Stop&Gos” in Philadelphia but will be applied statewide.

Complaints about noise and disturbances will still be handled by state police. But now the Liquor Control Board will be able to immediately suspend an establishment’s license for violations of requirements related to seating, food, square footage and health safety.

“Previously, the only time the LCB could take action against a licensee was to conduct a non-renewal action at the time the license was set for renewal. And that happens every other year,” said LCB spokesman Shawn Kelly.

Kelly says the requirements for licensees have not changed, but the LCB’s authority to enforce them has, and it’s a good idea to go the LCB website now and review the requirements.

Next month, the agency will begin unannounced, on-site investigations of complaints.