3pm- During oral arguments for Carpenter v. United States, U.S. Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Sonya Sotomayor defended 4th Amendment rights against Donald Trump’s Department of Justice in a case that has to deal with warrant-less cell phone tracking.

3:20pm-According to reports, the White House plans to remove Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from his position. The White House has denied the claims.

3:25pm- Rep. Nancy Pelosi announced that she believes Congressman John Conyers should resign following several sexual misconduct allegations made against him. 

3:50pm- While appearing as a guest on Fox News, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that he believed the Trump Administration wasn’t being aggressive enough with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 

4:10pm- Following Matt Lauer’s ouster from NBC, an uncomfortable 2009 interview he conducted with Sandra Bullock has resurfaced. 

4:45pm- According to a recent study, the type of car you drive may reveal whether you vote Republican or Democrat.

5:40pm- Dana Nessel, Democratic Candidate for Michigan Attorney General, released a controversial add proclaiming she was qualified for the position based off her gender alone.