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By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A gingerbread house contest, with a Philadelphia-centric theme, to help college students finish their semester on top.

For many college students, fall finals are right around the corner, and in higher education, it’s known as one of the most stressful times of the year.

But to help ease the anxiety, faculty at the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia held a gingerbread house contest for their students.

“It breaks the stress a little bit, it’s just something fun to do amongst all the craziness that’s happening right now at school,” said one student.

For sophomore interior design major Laura Stover, her work in class prepared her team for the challenge.

“We kind of do models a lot in one of our classes, that really helped with building it and actually getting it stable to stand,” she said.

Senior design major Autumn Davis says the rules to the contest are simple, and the possibilities are endless.

“Everything we use has to be edible, all graham crackers, candy, icing, the only cheat is we can use hot glue, but we’re trying our best not to use too much,” she said.

The students were challenged with putting a miniature version of Rodin’s Thinker statue inside a gingerbread house to be displayed on a tiny Eakins Oval.

The winning team got a pizza party.

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