By Jim Melwert

DELAWARE COUNTY, PA (CBS) — Delaware County has finalized a contract to begin the process of a county-wide property tax reassessment.

The $6+ million contract is with Tyler Technologies and covers everything from figuring out new property values, to communications, and the appeals process.

Delaware County was ordered by a judge to reassess all 200,000 parcels after owners of new homes argued their assessments were higher than values of homes built before the last assessment in the late 90s.

“Initially there’s going to be data gathering, information gathering, then there will be a process to verify the accuracy of the data,” said Delaware County executive director Marianne Grace.

That’s when assessors would go out to neighbors, but not before well into 2018, she says.

That will be followed by an appeals process in 2020, when the new assessments are scheduled to go out. The new tax bills will go out in 2021.

The changes to property values and resulting taxes must be revenue neutral, meaning the county can’t use the reassessment to make money.