By Joseph Santoliquito

Malcolm Jenkins is a Super Bowl champion and veteran NFL safety. He sits down with CBS Philly’s Joe Santoliquito every week. All of Jenkins’ Post Snap interviews are archived at 

PHILADELPHIA, PA (CBS) — The Eagles have not given up a touchdown in eight quarters. They haven’t given up a meaningful touchdown since their 34-24 win over Washington on Monday, Oct. 23. Since then, it’s been blowout city. The Eagles stomped on San Francisco, dropped 51 on Denver, and in the last two weeks outscored Dallas and Chicago by a combined 68-12, giving up four field goals.

It’s grown to look ridiculous.

This week that ends. The Eagles on Sunday night visit the depleted Seattle Seahawks, who are playing for their postseason lives.

Malcolm Jenkins says the Seahawks are a very dangerous team.

“I think every week we’re getting better, and that’s what you want to do as a team,” Jenkins said. “Every week we’re getting tighter and tighter. Guys are understanding their roles, and guys are sticking to it. When 11 men do their job, we’re pretty damned good.”

Russell Wilson is a very dangerous quarterback. Some think the Seahawks are a skeleton of the Super Bowl-contending team they were a few years ago. Wilson may be a one-man show, but it’s one strong act. He seems to be carrying the Seahawks singlehandedly.

“I disagree with that,” Jenkins said. “They have talent on that team. That’s not a one-man team. The reason why they’ve had success for as long as they have is because they’re a good team that plays well together. What I do see from their offense is that they’re not running the ball as well as they have in the past. You still have Russell Wilson. You still have Doug Baldwin. You still have Jimmy Graham. To me, those are good players.

“I respect them. They have enough firepower. They’re playing well and winning. They win those ugly, grind-it-out games. They don’t mind not blowing people out. That’s been their formula for years. A win is a win.”

The Eagles are third in the NFL in offense, averaging 381.5 yards a game and averaging an NFL-high 31.9 points a game. Defensively, the Eagles are sixth in the NFL, yielding an average of 291.6 yards a game, and NFL-low average of 65.1 yards rushing a game, better than over 10 yards to the nearest team, Minnesota, which gives up an average of 75.5 yards rushing a game.

The Eagles are arguably the best in two vital areas.

“We’ve been playing well, there’s no doubt about it, but we’re not done yet,” Jenkins said. “We still have to get better. We expect to have success and expect to have fun. We don’t think we can take the team we’re playing against for granted though. Every week we have to get better than the week before. We’re striving for ways to get better. There’s still a ways to go. We can be better.”