By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — SEPTA is disclosing more about the body of a teenager found on top of one of its trains, whose remains were found burned, after he was electrocuted.

While most of us were settled into our Thanksgiving holiday, 15-year old Raekwon Jones was by himself, roaming into Suburban Station, and for whatever reason, climbing atop a Chestnut Hill East Regional Rail car in the predawn hours of Friday. SEPTA’s Police Chief Tom Nestel says they may never know why he did so.

“There are several different possibilities of why someone would go on top of a train,” Nestel said. “None of them are good.”

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He may have just been looking for a place to spend the night hiding.

“If you think you can climb on top of a train, and as long as you don’t touch the wires, you’ll be OK, that’s not the case,” Nestel said. “An electrical arc can occur, attracted to anything on your person.”

Nestel has a message to those who see “train surfing” in the movies.

“I mean, it’s really cool to see Tom Cruise on top of a train,” he said. “You can’t train surf on a car that has overhead power. You will be electrocuted.”

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He says there are 12,000 volts of electricity running in wires above the trains.

By viewing surveillance video, they see him entering Suburban Station, the train went on its run, and when it returned to Jefferson Station, a customer saw something on top of the train, where Jones’ burned remains were found.

Jones had been missing since September. He was in a foster home at the time. Nestel says top transit agency officials have spoken to his biological mother.