By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you start your day with CBS3, you’ve likely heard the music of Kicking Sunrise.

The Washington Township, New Jersey band’s upbeat jam “Here’s To The Sunrise” has been adopted as a morning theme song for Eyewitness News and it has given the young band some early exposure.

“It was definitely cool to have people recognize us while we played the song live around the tri-state area,” explains singer Joe Murphy. “They’re like, ‘Oh, I know that song — that’s the one they play on the morning show.’ We’re like, ‘Yeah, this is actually an original song.’ That kind of helped get some buzz around Philly.

“It was a pretty cool jump for us as we were getting started.”

Credit: Kicking Sunrise

Although they call South Jersey home, the song was actually born in a place much brighter.

“We like to stick to that feel good beach kind of vibe. That’s where we were going when we wrote ‘Here’s To The Sunrise.’ We actually wrote it when we were out living in Huntington Beach, California — so it kind of sounds like a song you would hear on the beach in California,” says Murphy. “Our songs definitely change as we travel and experience different things, being on the road and touring to different places.”

The band is set to release a new single this Friday, Dec. 1 and it’s celebrating with a show in Philadelphia at Bourbon And Branch. To hear more from Kicking Sunrise, check out the full interview above or click here.