PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —A pit-mix named Josephine has a long road to recovery after she was abused and left for dead on a sidewalk in Philadelphia.

According to Chester County Dog Tails, 6-month-old Josephine was found on a sidewalk with a fractured skull from blunt force trauma and taken to Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia on Sunday.

The organization says there is nothing separating her sinuses anymore and that her brain is exposed in one place.

“Each breath Josie takes causes the frontal bones of her skull to rise and fall,” said Chester County Dog Tails in a Facebook post.

“Part of the bone is collapsing into the orbital where the eye sits– this is the zygotic arch, broken as well,” said Dr. Ron Ben-Amotz, with the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center.

6 month old puppy found on sidewalk with fractured skull 6 Month Old Puppy Found On Sidewalk With Fractured Skull

Credit: CBS3

The Noah’s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary says that Josephine is currently stable at Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center and showing signs of improvement.

“They have taken her off of oxygen and she is holding her own,” the animal rescue group said in a Facebook post.

The group says vets want to do exploratory surgery on the puppy’s head to see how extensive the damage is, along with possibly placing a drain.

The puppy is not showing signs of neurological issues, but vets want to do a CT scan to further diagnose the severity of her skull fractures.

Over $2,500 has been raised so far toward Josephine’s care.

Ben-Amotz says he’s doing all he can to keep the cost of caring for Josephine down.

“We as a partner practice will donate our time and expertise you know take her to surgery and fix those fractured pieces and build up her face again,” he says.

Noah’s Ark is hoping for a full investigation into Josephine’s injuries.

“It’s genuinely devastating and we only hope something comes of it that laws get enforced and they start to crack down on these cruelty cases,” said Candace Scheirer, with Noah’s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary.