By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – This is the time of the year for seeing family, buying presents and taking stock of the year that has passed. It is also Feast of the Seven Fishes season. On December 18, at the Sonesta hotel in Center City Philadelphia, we celebrate my ninth annual Feast. It is my favorite event of the season because it takes a great holiday tradition and extends it to our listeners.

The germ of the idea was planted in my head by Joe Bag of Donuts, a South Philly character and author, who brought it up on my show and talked about all aspects of it. The seven fishes are representative of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church and each fish has some significance. However, the notion of a feast to celebrate Christmas has been extended to people of all faiths and traditions.

Our annual tradition is also to bring in a big guest that I interview and that you get to meet. Jeffrey Lord, former CNN pundit and major Trump supporter, will be our guest this year. We’ll also be joined by my producer Bill, Roe, Chris Stigall, and other Talk Radio 1210 folks.

Of course, parking is valet and free. If you have a group of 10, we take $100 off. Make this the year you join us and really celebrate the traditions of Christmas. Go to to get your tickets!