By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you’re hoping to find that perfect Christmas tree, you might be disappointed.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, there’s shortage of live trees and you will likely be paying more to get one.

The Noble Fir, which some call the Cadillac of Christmas trees, is almost impossible for local retailers to get their hands on.

“We are very disappointed we could not find any Nobles. They’re the ones that come out of Oregon. We have not been able to get those for the season,” said Norm Schultz with Linvilla Orchards.

He says an oversupply of trees a few years back forced a lot of growers to get out of the business, and now the remaining farmers just cannot keep up with the demand.

“This year, anyone we wanted to order Fraziers from out of North Carolina, we couldn’t increase our order. They’re just not available,” said Schultz.

He says they’re trying their best to make sure customers can still get a quality tree without having to pay an arm and a leg.

“We’re holding our price on the pre-cut trees. We did raise our cut your own tree price, just foreseeing the problems of getting trees,” Schultz said.

But, he says, the hayride, campfire, and marshmallow roast make the cut your own tree experience fun for the whole family.

“When you come here, we’ll bring out to the field. You cut the tree, hop in your car, we tie it on the car,” Schultz explained.

Schultz adds that, even with the Christmas tree shortage, they still have plenty of different kinds of trees for people to take home.

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