By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Now that Thanksgiving has passed, what do you do with all those leftovers? One local chef has some creative ideas.

Anthony Bonett, executive chef at the Moshulu, says use your Thanksgiving leftovers to make breakfast potato patties.

“Leftover mashed potatoes, put them in a bowl, you want to fold in some turkey meat, leftover Brussel sprouts, chop them up, fold them into it, fold one egg in, some breadcrumbs, put some parmesan cheese, some chopped scallions and parsley, salt, pepper and just form them into little potato cakes, then you can flour them or not and pan-fry them.”

You can use leftover turkey to make breakfast meat like turkey scrapple:

“And scrapple’s really a very easy thing to make it’s really just meat cooked with cornmeal or grits.”

Your turkey carcass can be used to make soup — but don’t be afraid to mix in creative flavors:

“If your going with a latino or Mexican style thing, cilantro, chilis, maybe some smoked chipolte, you could put tomatoes in it. If you’re going with Vietnamese, you go with chilies, white pepper, lime juice. For Japanese flavors it’s miso and soy and really nice kind of clean Japanese flavors.”

For food safety reasons though, chef Bonett says don’t keep your leftovers too long in the refrigerator:

“By Monday I think you should be cleaning up and getting rid of everything that you haven’t used up.”

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