By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ever crave a taste of home while traveling or want to send the taste to someone else? KYW’s Jay Lloyd says it’s easy.

The idea that became a slogan and a tradition began in New York at Katz’s Deli during World War 2. “Send a Salami to Your Boy in the Army.”And parents of G.I.’s did – by the tens of thousands. They still do.

scrapple Taste Of Home Getaway

Scrapple (Jay Lloyd)

Philly folks are doing the same with everything from Scrapple and Soft Pretzels to Cheese Steaks and Wawa coffee. Two companies that have been around a while make it happen – The Pennsylvania General Store at the Reading Terminal Market and A Taste of Philly. Both have on-line ordering. The heavy pricing comes in the form of shipping costs for fresh food that has to get there quick.

herrs Taste Of Home Getaway

Tastycakes (Jay Lloyd)

But with the festive season at hand, it’s cool to have even a snack from home. By the way, if you’ll be holiday shopping in New York, look up Shorty’s pubs. They have four Manhattan locations and serve up Philly Cheesesteaks. Victory IPA and Yeungling too.

tastycake Taste Of Home Getaway

Tastycakes (Jay Lloyd)

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