By Tom Rickert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The hi-rez LED displays inside the Comcast Center welcomed the holidays with a Thanksgiving Philadelphia tradition: the Holiday Spectacular Light Show.

“We thought it was fabulous. We come every year!” said Diane.

“It’s just great, it puts you in the spirit!” said Frank.

From dancing snowmen to a galactic magic sleigh ride, Diane, Frank, and Carrie from Philadelphia said the show was the perfect way to start their holidays.

“It was really wonderful to listen to and it incorporates all the great holiday music,” Diane said.

“Oh it was cool. It was nice to have something unique like that in the city,” said Patrick, one of the first people to see the 2017 Light Show. “I’m already thinking about Christmas.”

“I like the whole thing. We’ve been here many times. We’re here for Thanksgiving,” said Lucien, who came all the way from Pittsburgh.

The Holiday Spectacular Light Show plays every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. until New Year’s Day.

comcast show1 Comcast Center Kicks Off The Holiday Spectacular Light Show

(credit: Tom Rickert)