By Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two of Philadelphia’s most famous markets saw a lot of foot traffic today ahead of the holiday.

The Reading Terminal Market was wall-to-wall people–it’s hard to find a shady spot in here. It’s the rush before Thanksgiving.

Driving the Schuylkill Expressway at rush hour was a crash course for navigating the Reading Terminal–merging, cutting in and out, never a turn signal.

“I think it’s turkey trot- everybody’s in a good mood, good spirits, it’s all part of the thing,” said Rosalie Hamilton, who lives in Pittman, New Jersey.

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Mike Cunningham and Rosalie Hamilton picked up a pair of cooked turkeys.

“The turkey was so good, that I thought this year I’d get two of them. Rather than cook it, these are great, they’re really good,” said Cunningham.

Moving on to Rocky’s neck of the woods, the Italian Market was bursting with last-minute foodies.

“Got a case of sweet potatoes, for a case of collard greens, you know, the usual,” said Aaron Wesley, who’s from South Philly.

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Produce was rolling out the door at P and F Giordanos at 9th and Washington.

“The greens: all the greens, escarole, endive, collard greens…they’re flying off the shelves,” said owner Wally Giordano.