By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, most of us go right for our favorites. But, did you know our taste has a lot to do with where we live?

That’s according to a survey, featured on

In the south, for example, cornbread reigns supreme. Mid-westerners love their biscuits, but here in the Northeast, squash was the most popular side.

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“That’s odd, but that’s cool,” said Noah RC, in town from Los Angeles.

It’s certainly more substantive than what West Coasters consider their go-to: salad!

“As bad as it sounds, it doesn’t surprise me at all,” said RC.

“They’re probably healthier than we are,” joked Cheri Cutler of Philadelphia.

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So, which foods made the cut, coast to coast? According to, stuffing and mashed potatoes were considered top starches.

Potato variations claimed the next few slots, followed by butternut squash and macaroni and cheese. Green beans were the number one Thanksgiving veggie. Fresh cranberry sauce, not canned, was a close second.

“I like the cheap, canned stuff. It’s the best,” said Philly resident Forest Heinzenknecht.

No matter how different the indulgence, the end game’s the same.

“We feel kind of, like stuffed,” said George Heinzenknecht.