By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Transgender Day of Remembrance was recognized all over the world Monday, including in Philadelphia.

“(It’s) an event that was started to acknowledge the deaths, the murders of transgender individuals,” explains Dejalynn Alvarez, who helped organize Philadelphia’s gathering at the William Way LGBT Community Center.

More than a hundred people attended, including Kristine Holt.

“It’s awareness of the problem and it’s awareness that trans women like myself are part of the community,” Holt says. “Every month there’s at least a couple of trans people..mainly trans women…that are killed.”

Milan Sherry knows how anti-transgender violence can change lives.

“This year I’ve had two of my sisters who were murdered,” Sherry says. “I am affected by those who I don’t even know. Simple fact is it could be me. I always ask the question, how many of us have to die before you get involved? Every year it seems like the numbers are just rising.”

On top of acknowledging the deaths.

“We celebrate those lives and then we talk about the progress we made, where we’re going and how we’re going to get there,” Alvarez adds. “To rally us together and to give those that my have lost some hope, give them some hope.”

A silent march through town preceded the gathering.