By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Scrapple is a breakfast favorite in Philly, but have you ever had it for dessert?

Whether you love it, hate it or you’re just scared to try it, scrapple is now an ice cream flavor.

At the Franklin Fountain in Old City, co-owner Ryan Berley says it’s time to bring back scrapple ice cream.

“It’s getting cooler. You’ve got to bulk up with your fats,” Berley said. “So scrapple and ice cream are kind of the perfect thing.”

Yes, ice cream made from…

“Various pig parts, stewed within their own broth and then drained and ground and mixed with flours and spices,” said Amy Strauss, author of the new book, Pennsylvania Scrapple. “It’s not just this really mysterious meat.”

(credit: Mike DeNardo)


Rachel Robbins of South Philly tasted the scrapple ice cream.

“I kind of expected it to taste more bacony,” she said. “But it’s not real overpowering, which is nice.”

Jeff Smelser of Lancaster County was polite after his taste.

“It was like…scrapple ice cream,” he said.

Love it or not, Berley says it’ll only be at Franklin Fountain for a limited time.