By Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An investigation into missing money has surfaced in Upper Darby Township. The details have been confirmed exclusively by CBS 3 Eyewitness News. It appears detectives are sorting out an alleged theft scheme and it’s not clear how long it may have been going on.

The first sign something was wrong came six months ago when money was reported missing from the township tax collector’s office.

Multiple sources confirm to Eyewitness News that the discovered amount of cash amounted to close to $300,000.

The township police department referred the theft case to the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office.

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A spokeswoman this week confirmed the office is investigating reports of missing money from the tax office, but couldn’t comment further.

Sources say the woman at the center of the investigation no longer works for the township. Eyewitness News is not identifying the woman, since charges have not been filed.

At Richard Romani’s hair stylist shop in Upper Darby, there wasn’t exactly shock.

“Every time you turn the TV on, somebody’s doing something,” Romani said.

But more so, there were concerns about how so much money may have disappeared undetected.

“Sounds like somebody is asleep at the switch,” Romani said. “Isn’t there a check and balances on these things?”

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After CBS3 requested comment from the township, the mayor’s office issued this statement, saying, “When these allegations were first brought to our attention, we notified the District Attorney’s Office and asked them to investigate the matter. The township has been fully cooperating with the District Attorney’s investigation.”

Still, some people believe whatever the investigation, it’s been long enough.

“Well, she should be put in jail,” Isiah Johnson of Upper Darby said. “She’s stealing money, that’s theft.”