PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  A Philadelphia man is using a classic car to spread a message, and he’s spreading the word on the job.

This man spent time in the Marines, his grandfathers were Marines, and his son is serving, all the more reason to drive home his message.

It’s hard to miss the eye-catching ’69 Camaro and its military-themed artwork. The Camaro belongs to Carmen Brancato.

“It represents all 4 branches of the service,” he said.

Carmen is on Philadelphia roads a lot as a home physical therapist. Everywhere he goes, his car is a billboard.

“I just hope usually that it’s there when I come out,” Carmen laughed.

Carmen started decorating the Camaro six years ago, after he visited his sister, who is an Army nurse.

“The car got a lot of attention anyway before I did all this. I figured I wanted to use that attention for a good cause,” he said.

Over the years, Carmen has wrapped the car with four different designs, taking it to events for veterans and visiting military hospitals. The back is emblazed with his website:

He says he has “met a lot of incredible people, both civilians and military.”

Carmen doesn’t collect money himself. He tells fans to donate to his favorite veterans charities: Wounded Warriors Project, Disabled American Veterans, and Fisher House.

“It doesn’t even have to be donating to a charity,” Carmen said. “If you know a vet, help them with a bill or something.”

Omar Brown of Southwest Philadelphia stopped to take a picture. “Anything to support our troops is always a good cause,” Omar said.

Carmen estimates he has reached thousands of people, although he’ll never know how many passersby were inspired by his ride.