By Pat Loeb

WASHINGTON D.C. (CBS) — A vote is expected in Washington, Thursday, on a Republican plan that would cut federal tax rates but eliminate deductions. That could mean higher taxes for many middle class families.

Local democrats are trying to get those families to contact area republican congressmen to protest the plan.

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Democratic congressman Bob Brady is frustrated. He’s ended strikes, restored parades and saved regattas, by finding common ground.

“You know me, I want to talk to people, try to work things out, try to work amongst people that don’t agree and try to get them to agree through some kind of compromise,” he said.

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Republicans, he says, won’t talk to him or his democratic colleagues, won’t consider their view of ending or curtailing deductions like the ones for student loan interest or local taxes, so he’s among those asking constituents to talk to them.

Brady is also enlisting the help of local labor leaders, such as Bobby Davis of District Council 33.

Their view was bolstered by a bi-partisan analysis of the Senate tax proposal, done by the Joint Committee on Taxation, that shows the bill would raise taxes for 13.8 Million households in 2019; 21.4 Million by 2025. 
Bobby Davis of District Council 33 told members it could be up to them to stop the bill. 

“They gonna put money in one pocket, then take it out of the other,” he said. “It’s the old bait and switch kind of game so you really need to pay attention to it. Call your congresspeople.”

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Brady would like them to let democrats at least have some input into the bill.