By Rich Zeoli

3:05 pm-New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney said that the Democratic-controlled Legislature would move immediately to raise taxes on millionaires.

3:20 pm-If there was any doubt about the liberal media’s double-standard when it comes to policing politicians’ character, the last 24 hours have made it clear.

3:50 pm-A senior adviser to Sen. Rand Paul said that the senator and the man who assaulted him last week had not had a conversation “in many years”.

4:05 pm-President Donald Trump marked Veterans Day by spending time here with seven American veterans of the Vietnam War in Vietnam.

4:30 pm- Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment joins The Rich Zeoli Show.

4:51 pm-NBC anchor Megyn Kelly welcomed Julie Briskman on her morning show, who gained 15 minutes of fame by giving President Trump’s motorcade the middle finger while out for a bike ride in northern Virginia.

5:03 pm- Republicans weren’t supposed to have to worry about Alabama.

5:14 pm- Nancy Pelosi said “you can almost hear the leadership of the Chinese government laughing from China to America.”

5:42 pm-A plane headed to Bali had to make an emergency landing after a woman went ballistic and started fighting her husband over his alleged affair.