By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A popular Philadelphia chef is set to open a new Spanish restaurant this month in Center City.

Chef Townsend Wentz is putting the finishing touches on Oloroso, set to open by the end of the month at 1121 Walnut Street.

Chef Townsend Wentz (credit: Hadas Kuznits)

“It’s more of a passion project for me. “It’s something that I love to eat and I’ve always kind of intertwined the Spanish repertoire in my food.”

The Spanish-themed restaurant is named after a grade of sherry.

“Oloroso is a grade of sherry. So sherry comes in three different grades, it’s Manzania, which is the lightest, and Amontillado, which is slightly more aged, and oloroso is the richest, darkest, nuttiest, most fragrant sherry and it’s great to cook with.”

Chef Wentz says the food will be traditional.

“For us, the paella will be a centerpiece. We have a great wood-burning oven and a wood-burning grill and that’s kind of one of the critical ingredients in good paella is a little bit of smoke.”

What’s more impressive than a perfect paella?

“We’re gonna do also pedra jimenez marinated split wood-roasted pigs heads.”

Kuznits: “That’s like a Spanish showpiece.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of a showstopper and, again, it’s one of the things that we have this great oven and we want to be able to deliver maximum interest and maximum taste out of that.”

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