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By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Local elected officials are urging constituents to call Congressman Pat Meehan about the Republican tax plan, a plan they said would harm both struggling and middle class families.

Congressmen Bob Brady and Dwight Evans, both democrats, said their party has tried several times to introduce alternative tax plans.

“They’re not listening to us, they don’t care what we say,” said Brady.

He says Congressman Meehan, though, as a republican on the Ways and Means Committee, does have influence. Brady and other local leaders are hoping Meehan will hear from tax plan opponents.

They cite analyses that find the elimination of a variety of deductions will actually increase taxes on many in the middle class immediately and, predicts Council President Darrell Clarke, many more down the road.

“You create a $1.7 trillion deficit as a result of this proposal. Guess where they’re looking to take the money from,” Clarke said.

Republicans say the tax plan will pay for itself through economic growth.

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