By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Looking for a weekend getaway to explore the trials and triumphs of America’s veterans? KYW’s Jay Lloyd has a few ideas.

Many veterans have a history of traveling for reunions or getting together in service organizations, even small luncheon groups that occasionally travel to their military branch landmark installations and activities. I belong to a Coast Guard vets group that meets and plans in Montgomery County, captained by Bob Dell.

“We’re such a close-knit group. Everybody has shared experiences.”

And we have shared them as we travel to the Cape May Training Center to meet new recruits beginning life in the fleet. So where to go this weekend? Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Vets will find memories at the Sea, Air and Space Museum aboard the carrier Intrepid in New York. Marines can also celebrate the corps 272nd anniversary at the Annapolis Naval Academy. And for Amy vets, what better way to catch the spirit than to head for West Point and some Army Football.