By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A master storyteller returns to Philadelphia for two new politically charged shows during the anniversary of the 2016 election.

“I’m a monologist, so I tell stories about the world and so the stories are personal and then political,” said Mike Daisey.

Daisey returns to The Philadelphia Theatre Company for two politically charged shows.

“I sit at a table, so its like stand-up comedy but I’m sitting down and in addition to it being funny, it’s often about actual things,” he said.

“This is Not Normal” and “The End of Journalism” explore President Trumps’s Administration, the new media landscape, and fake news.

“I feel like these two speak to one another. The factors that lead us to a place where journalism has changed is a big part of why things are not normal, and so these two in particular speak to each other in ways that I think make good art,” Daisey said.

He says he hope’s people leave seeing things that they already knew in a new way.

“Even in a dark and terrible time it’s very important to laugh and I feel like you can do both at this work, you can laugh but then also think, and that’s ultimately what I think we need to do,” said Daisey.

Tickets are on sale now and performances will take place through November 11th.

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