PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — They may be fun to play with, but a new report warns that some fidget spinners could expose kids to lead.

Of the 12 types of fidget spinners found in toy aisles in Target stores, two of them tested for unsafe lead levels.

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The “Lead Safe Mama” blog and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group are now calling for those products to be taken off store shelves.

“It’s on the center, it’s the part that you’re interacting with, so it’s definitely a hazard for children,” said Tamara Rubin, who runs the “Lead Safe Mama” blog.

“When children are exposed to high levels of lead, they can experience things like memory loss, learning disabilities,” said Kara Cook, toxics program director for the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

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Target declined to remove the products.

According to the company, the items manufactured by “Bulls I Toys” are labeled “ages 14 and up” and do not require lead testing.