By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Local companies gathered in Center City to learn best practices on what they can do to help prevent violence in the workplace.

There have been multiple workplace shootings across the country this year.

“Unfortunately it seems to be an escalating problem, and I think most employers don’t recognize that I could happen anywhere,” said Armstrong-Halber.

On Thursday, Lori Armstrong-Halber, a partner with work place attorneys Fisher Phillips took part in a seminar telling employers how to respond to violence on the job.

“Almost every employer has a fire drill, even if they’ll never need it, and most of them don’t have an active shooter drill,” said Armstrong-Halber.

Rick Grimaldi a partner with Fisher Phillips says employers should stay engaged with employees to better spot changes in attitude, work and demeanor which may be precursors to violence.

“If you overhear conversations, then you have an obligation as an employer, if you overhear things to act on those,” said Grimaldi.

Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department, and agents from the FBI were also on hand to provide practical insights on creating a proactive plan that focuses on safety, prevention and crisis management.