By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Chaddsford man is out with humorous book about the loyal customers of a popular convenience store chain.

Thousands of copies have been sold in less than a month.

“The Five People You Meet In Wawa” is under 50 pages, and was written by comedian Nick Kupsy.

“The book is my attempt, an update of Dante’s Inferno under the guise of a book about Wawa. It’s the best way I can describe it,” he said.

The book is based on observations and interactions Kupsy had at Wawa.

“You can see a guy in a Sixers baseball hat, an Eagles sweatshirt, and Flyers pajama pants. It’s so unreal, and you can see this at any time of the day, which is really baffling,” Kupsy said.

And then there’s the guy who pays in change.

“The line comes to a grinding halt when the guy pulls out a sandwich bag full of nickles and dimes,” said Kupsy.

“The Five People You Meet In Wawa” is available in e-book and hard copy.

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