PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — There is new information in Tuesday’s shooting of a Pennsylvania State Police trooper.

daniel clary Suspect Arraigned From Hospital Bed As Pennsylvania State Corporal Faces Another Surgery After Shooting

Credit: (CBS3)

Cpl. Seth Kelly is fighting for his life as the suspect accused of shooting him also recovers from gunshot wounds. Kelly remains in critical, but stable, condition.

Suspect Daniel Clary was arraigned from his hospital bed on Wednesday morning on multiple charges, including attempted murder.

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Kelly, who is originally from Honesdale, Pennsylvania, was backing up Trooper Ryan Seiple on Tuesday morning on a traffic call.

Kelly was shot at least twice, as he took heavy fire from a man another trooper had pulled over along Route 33 in Northampton County.

Seiple had initiated a traffic stop on the suspect. The man pulled over was free to go, but he stopped before leaving to inquire about paying a citation he had been issued.

Police say Clary, of Effort, appeared to be under the influence.

Seiple radioed for back up and informed Clary he was no longer free to leave.

Kelly then arrived on the scene and that’s when things turned extremely violent, police say.

Troopers were unsuccessful in subduing Clary, even to the point of tasing him. The scuffle then spilled out onto the highway.

“It was close to about two minutes is how long the actual fight took place, maybe a minute-and-a-half to two minutes. It may not sound like a lot, but believe me, when you’re fighting with someone, and it was a heck of a knock down drag out fight, when you’re out there alongside the road doing that and you got vehicles whizzing by you, that’s a long time to be tussling with someone along the roadway,” said Pennsylvania State Police Capt. Richard D’Ambrosio.

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Police say Clary was able to hustle back to his car, where he retrieved a semi-automatic handgun, and began firing.

The corporal was hit in the leg and neck and shoulder. Police say a tourniquet that Kelly administered to himself likely saved his life.

Seiple sustained minor injuries.

Troopers fired back at Clary. He was hit an unknown number of times and drove himself to the hospital.

Kelly underwent surgery following the shooting on Tuesday and faces another surgery.

Daniel Clary’s family was belligerent when CBS3 stopped by their home tucked away on a quiet woodsy street in the Poconos.

“Let me get this for my lawsuit because I asked you to leave and you’re still here. Get out,” one woman told CBS3.

The family had nothing to say about the attempted homicide charges Clary has been hit with – or the allegations he opened fire on two state troopers–gravely wounding Corporal Seth Kelly.

Detectives are now examining went so wrong at what had been a routine traffic stop and how Clary was able to overpower them.

“I don’t know Mr. Clary, but I do know he’s 200 pounds and 5’10”, he’s a big guy, 22, and also under the influence of some drug,” said District Attorney John Morganelli.

Toxicology screens are underway.

Police say Clary only has a retail theft case on his record.