PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Historical Society of Pennsylvania is hosting an election night conversation that’s designed to encourage political debate and conversation, in a civil way of course.

The Art of Politics discussion will take a look at the history of political cartoons.

“Something fun, something engaging, but has a strong message about the politics of our time,” said Lynette Zimmerman is Interim Development Director at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

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She says the first political cartoon appeared in the Franklin Gazette in 1754, called Join or Die. The image showed a snake chopped into eight pieces, to show the colonies must join forces to fight the British or perish.

Zimmerman says the centuries old cartoon was a conversation piece, she’s hoping it’s the same to cure today’s political divisions.

“Art is really a way to have a meaningful conversation, without alienating one another,” she said.

The free event is being held Tuesday night at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The evening’s panelists will include Bill Marimo and Signe Wilkinson.

To find out more information on the event you can visit the Historical Society of Pennsylvania’s website at