By Rich Zeoli

3:03 pm-Mitch McConnell said that Sen. Rand Paul’s injuries after being personally attacked over the weekend create another potential “challenge” for the Republican Senate 

3:20 pm-One of the men who said he helped run the Texas church gunman off the road Sunday is being hailed as a hero for potentially preventing more bloodshed after the deadly shooting.

3:53 pm-A change to college savings accounts in the Republican tax plan would expand eligibility to unborn children.

4:10 pm-The House Republican tax bill is drawing fire from the right because of a provision that would completely eliminate a tax credit for adoptive parents.

4:41 pm- Dr. Paul Stockton, former Asst. Secretary of Defence calls in to The Rich Zeoli Show .

5:06 pm-Sen. Dianne Feinstein says that she has seen no evidence so far that Trump’s campaign received hacked Clinton campaign emails from Russia.

5:10 pm- Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno joins The Rich Zeoli Show.

5:36 pm-Seth Grossman, Executive Director Liberty and Prosperity 1776, Inc joins The Rich Zeoli Show.