PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia District Attorney’s election pits a Progressive Democrat against a Moderate Republican in a race that could be closer than the city’s lopsided registration would suggest.

Democrat Lawrence Krasner is a civil rights lawyer, a defense attorney, but what he has never been is a prosecutor, a fact that — even with months passing since the primary in which he bested five opponents — many in the DA’s Office have been unable to reconcile themselves to. There have been rumbles about mass resignations as well as fears of mass firings, but Krasner has dismissed such speculation. He does, though, talk about transformational change in the office– ending cash bail, stop-and-frisk, and civil asset forfeiture. This has brought Republican Beth Grossman more support than might be expected in a city with such lopsided registration. Grossman has made justice for victims a key talking point of her campaign.

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For city controller, Democrat Rebecca Rhynhart seems a shoe-in. She upset the three-term incumbent in the primary and is talked about as the future of the party, though she says she really just wants to be controller.

Philadelphia voters will also select Common Pleas and Municipal Court judges and local election boards — and they’re asked to vote on a bond issue for infrastructure improvements.