By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A national political action committee was on campus at more than a dozen Pennsylvania colleges on Monday, hoping to get youth geared up for Tuesday’s election. They’ve also got their eye on 2018.

Next Gen America is a PAC dedicated to organizing the youth vote.

“There are more potential voters in the youth vote between 18 and 30 right now than Baby Boomers,” said Jared DeLoof, Pennsylvania Organizer for Next Gen America. “We are now potentially the largest voting block in the country. If we bring our progressive values to the ballot box, we are going to transform America.”

Volunteers set up shop at Temple, Penn and other campuses, providing polling information for Tuesday’s election and surveying students on the issues they care most about, and alerting them of the 2018 mid-terms.

untitled13 Pennsylvania PAC Aims To Swing Upcoming Elections Through Youth Vote

(credit: Cherri Gregg)

“We’re letting people know that we can actually flip Congress next year if young people get out and vote,” DeLoof said.

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Twenty-one-year-old Levi voted for president for the first time last year. Now he’s focused on local elections.

“I do feel like I need to be involved,” he said. “I feel like it’s my best way to have an effect on politics.”

Twenty-year-old Megan says last year’s presidential election pushed her to become active, and she plans to vote in every election.

“I want to have my voice heard,” she said, “and hopefully create change.”

The top issues of concern among those surveyed were justice reform and equality. The political race most students care about: Philadelphia District Attorney.