By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In a league based on numbers, the Philadelphia Eagles 8-1 record is looking good as the city’s joy is soaring to new heights.

Temple Associate Professor George Diemer studies odds and the sports gambling markets and he broke down the Eagles’ chances.

“I like to analyze the gambling markets,” Diemer said.

A few weeks ago, the Eagles had a 10-11 percent change of winning the Super Bowl.

Now, it’s looking better than ever.

Diemer said the Eagles are “probably in the area of 12-15 percent, maybe as high as 17.”

But the Birds are still behind the New England Patriots at 22 percent.

Temple Professor Breaks Down The Odds The Eagles Win The Superbowl

You never know what’s going to happen in the future. It could be a big injury.

Diemer says predictive markets have allowed only a modest increase in the Eagles winning the big game, since there are still two regular season games against the rival Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys are still a dominant team in the division and the Eagles have yet to play them.

Historically, the last four times the Eagles have held an 8-1 record, they’ve advanced to the championship game.

The problem is, Diemer says historical data isn’t a reliable predictor.

“Most people would say that’s a little too small a sample size to have any confidence at how the teams would proceed after that,” he said.

So basically, leave the confidence to the fans.

The bottom line here is the uncertainty over the two games against the Dallas Cowboys and the one factor you can’t anticipate, injuries.