By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There was ‘healthy’ demand for the new iPhone X for its launch on Friday, with KeyBanc analysts reporting most stores sold out of the flagship within hours. Getting it in your hands is one thing, but what about when it falls out?

Nearly the whole front of the iPhone X is screen. The entire back is also glass. Gorgeous, yes — but durable?

Unfortunately, a case should be compulsory, as senior editor Vanessa Hand Orellana found in a drop test.

“There’s a fracture on the corner on that glass back,” she explained. “The screen survived, but it hit the back first and it cracked at the first drop. And already a scuff on that stainless steel frame.”

An In-Depth Look At The iPhone X

And in another fall from the same three-foot height, this time screen side down.

“The back of the phone is cracked even more,” Orellana said. “There are spider webs all over going through the entire back of the phone. Let’s turn it over. I’m scared to look. Oooh, yeah. Definitely a lot of damage. It’s a pretty deep blow. There’s actually a little bit of glass coming out as I’m touching it right now.”

Positive news: keys didn’t do much scratch damage to the display side.

Apple says while the iPhone X is made with the “most durable glass ever in a smartphone,” it’s “not indestructible.”