CBS Local — A woman in New York is blaming her car’s navigation system for leading her straight into a river on Nov. 5.

According to reports, the driver was following her GPS directions while traveling through the small city of Port Jervis when it allegedly took her down a muddy bank and into the Neversink River.

“I saw water hit my windshield and then looked around and realized I was in water,” the 30-year-old told the Mid-Hudson News Network.

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The woman, who reportedly did not want to be identified, could not open her door after crashing into the 55-mile-long river and called 911 immediately.

“Drowning has always been one of my worst fears. I could see the shore, but I couldn’t get out of my car,” the driver added.

Rescue teams arrived quickly to pull the woman out of the wreck, which was right behind the Port Jervis Fire Training Center. Her brand new 2017 vehicle, however, completely sank into the Neversink and had to be removed by a tow truck.

It’s not known where the 30-year-old driver was actually headed but she admitted that she was not familiar with the area and was only following where the GPS was directing her. It’s not the first time drivers have ended up waterlogged by blindly following their navigation system this year. A Massachusetts man drove straight into a pond during the July 4th weekend.

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Over the years, many drivers have shown the inaccuracy of GPS driving systems by driving onto staircases, into houses, off cliffs, and even onto golf courses.