By Jim Melwert

DELAWARE COUNTY, PA (CBS) — With two seats up for grabs in Tuesday’s election, Democrats in Delaware County will try to pull off what they haven’t been able to do in four decades: win a seat on county council.

Republicans John Perfetti and incumbent David White face Democrats Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden.

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Four years ago, democrats took the lead in Delaware County voter registration, now there are more than 15,000 registered democrats than there are for the GOP.

Delaware County democratic chairman David Landau says members of the local party have learned they need to get involved at the county and local level.

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“Inevitably the result are state legislatures like we have here, a Congress like we have, and President Trump,” he said.

But despite the gains, Republicans have been able to fend off the challenges locally.

County party chair Andrew Reilly says, rather than make this about the White House, there’s a simple recipe for GOP success.

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“Practical local candidates who are grounded with a local record of community service,” he said.