By Rich Zeoli

3:05 pm-Republican lawmakers unveiled a sweeping rewrite of the tax code on Thursday.

3:22 pm- Bowe Bergdahl received a dishonorable discharge from the US Army but will avoid prison time.

3:35 pm- PA State Rep. Martina White joins Rich from the Philly F.O.P. Lodge 5

4 pm-  President of the Philadelphia F.O.P. John McNesby joins Rich from the Philly F.O.P. Lodge 5

4:42 pm- CNN asked Senator Elizabeth Warren if Mrs Clinton’s contest against Democratic rival Bernie Sanders was rigged, and she said: “Yes.”

4:52 pm- Donna Brazile’s acknowledgement that the Democratic National Committee tipped the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton during last year’s primary.

5:03 pm- Sen. Rand Paul  said that the House’s tax plan will deliver economic growth, although it doesn’t really constitute “a significant tax cut” as President Donald Trump said it would.

5:36 pm- Wolf Blitzer is shocked… shocked!

5:44 pm- DNC Chair Tom Perez does not respond to allegations made Donna Brazile, that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had helped Hillary Clinton rig the 2016 Democratic primary in her favor.