By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Recent revelations about pervasive sexual harassment in Hollywood, on Wall Street, and beyond is sparking a movement, and a change in culture could be close by.

“It’s not the victim’s fault,” said Dr. Monique Howard, Executive Director of Women Organized Against Abuse.

She says the relaunch of the viral hashtag #MeToo online that drew story after story of sexual harassment, following allegations from dozens of women crying foul against mogul Harvey Weinstein, is breaking the spiral of silence when it comes to rape and sex abuse.

“It’s out of the dark, and people will join the movement,” Howard said.

Political Communications professor Dr. Heather LaMarre says normally only 10 percent of the population speaks up, but the country may have reached a tipping point.

“Then it will become part of the political discourse for the next decade and that will govern a lot of policy making,” she said.

So when does harassment become a crime? What is rape culture?

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