NORTON, Mass. (AP) — Officials at a Massachusetts college are investigating after students said a female soccer player attended an on-campus Halloween party with darkened skin to portray a character from the movie “White Chicks.”

The Sun Chronicle reports a photo taken Friday shows the woman with her skin darkened by makeup, a drawn-on goatee and a bald cap.

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“A Wheaton student chose to wear blackface as part of a racist and offensive Halloween costume, and the incident raises difficult issues for all of us,” said President Dennis Hanno in a statement.

The college’s Black Student Association is demanding campus-wide racial awareness training.

Administrators say the student didn’t play in a soccer game this week but hasn’t been officially disciplined.

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In “White Chicks,” two black men disguise themselves as white women. Students say the soccer player was portraying a character played by Terry Crews.

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