PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Middle school is tough enough, but when you are a stellar athlete and find out you need surgery, tough may not be a strong enough word for your world.

Josselyn Connor, a local middle school student and soccer player, had a bone tumor removed from her leg on Wednesday.

It was an incredibly painful day for Connor, but a special visit made it much better.

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Connor was surprised at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia by 28-year-old Philadelphia Union star C.J. Sapong, her favorite player.

Connor’s mother, Jenn McLean Connor, – a producer at CBS3, posted this on her Facebook page:

“THIS was the moment that turned her day around! She was a trooper through the process, but was crying from the pain. Then, CJ Sapong walked in. He is her favorite Union player, but now she also considers him a friend! He took time out of his day to bring a smile to Josselyn’s face and for that, I will be forever grateful! This guy is the real deal! #cjsapong #philadelpiaunion#myhero #classact 🙏🏻💙⚽️”

Sapong posted a photo on his Instagram page, with the caption: “#Truth is #You brightened my day.”