By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Local Islamic organizations are reacting strongly to the Trump administration’s response to the recent terror incident in New York City.

They believe the calls for reform are neck deep in bias.

“A president is supposed to be a unifier, a president is supposed to be consistent,” said Marwaun Kreidie, executive director of the Arab American Community Development Corporation.

He says the Muslim community has been watching President Donald Trump’s response to the deadly New York attack, where the Uzbekistan-born suspect was linked to ISIS, versus the response to the Las Vegas attack, where the suspect was an American-born white man.

“While both of those acts were terrible, he didn’t basically say anything after Las Vegas, and 50 more people were killed there, and after this attack he wants to change immigration,” Kreidie said.

Kreidie notes that the president is calling for the New York suspect’s execution, as well as the end of the Diversity Visa Program that got him to America.

After Las Vegas, Kreidie says the president was silent to calls for gun control. The shooter had two dozen weapons, killing 58 people, and injuring hundreds.

“Terrorism is terrorism, a death is a death,” Kreidie said.

“It’s hard not to notice,” said Jacob Bender, executive director of CAIR Philadelphia. “There seems to be a continual double standard.”

The president did condemn both acts of violence.

Kreidie says the Philadelphia’s Muslim community remains vigilant following an uptick in hate crimes that has persisted since Trump was elected.