By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Expect to see lines outside Apple Stores Friday as the iPhone 10 is released in limited quantities.

For those who do get their hands on one — or want to — is the $1000 price tag worth it?

A selling point for some is a stumbling block for others:

“Apple says it’s all screen — it’s not all screen. There’s a little cut-out at the top that has all the cameras for the facial recognition system,” said Bridget Carey, senior editor at

That ‘notch’ in the display does allow for accurate unlocking (good, since the fingerprint sensor is gone). Carey says it’s the fastest facial recognition they’ve seen.

“Our reviewer Scott Stein had a beard and shaved it for his review, to see if he could try to trick the system,” Carey said. “He got a haircut, he tried all sorts of accessories to see if he could mess with the camera sensors, and for the most part it always unlocked, unless he had something obstructing his face, like a scarf over his mouth or a really crazy wig.”

The cameras offer dramatic lighting and portrait effects, and let you use your facial expressions to animate emoji.

There’s no home button to push, which means new gestures to learn.

“Is a phone worth $1000? I think the takeaway after a few days has been, well, it’s not the phone for everyone,” said Carey.