By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On World Vegan Day, Whole Foods is partnering with the couple behind some of Philadelphia’s biggest vegan restaurants who helped propel the local vegan movement to what it is today.

Those who adhere to a vegan diet don’t eat animals or animal products. Kate Jacoby, co-owner of Vedge and V-Street, says while they don’t serve meat, dairy or cheese at their restaurants….

“We don’t find veganism to be limiting,” she said. “We find it to be like this really broad umbrella under which we can do anything.”

On this year’s World Vegan Day, her restaurant is partnering with Whole Foods.

“In preparation for the holiday season they asked us to create a custom vegan holiday menu,” Jacoby explained. “The whole idea in early November is to get people to go ahead and place an order for that because throughout the entire country we’re delighted to say that there’s going to be a Vedge meal available.”

She says there are a lot of reasons to consider veganism.

“Ethical reasons which drew Rich, [my husband and business partner], and me to this sort of lifestyle, but then also the environmental impact, Jacoby said, “and then also human health has become so critical.”

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