PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new crowdfunding tool will help match the needs of individual Philadelphia schools with people who want to help pay for them.

“Every school needs something,” said Donna Frisby-Greenwood, with the Philly FUNDamentals web tool.

For example, carpet in the school library, a 3D printer, money for school uniforms, and an aquarium are just some of the things principals are asking for.

This web tool allows donors to contribute directly toward the needs of an individual Philadelphia public schools, and is run by the nonprofit fund for the School District of Philadelphia.

“We did some research, focus groups and interviews, and what we heard from people is that they want to support schools directly,” said Frisby-Greenwood.

The requests run from $500 to more than $100,000, and they can be sorted by grades, performance, or poverty level.

Frisby-Greenwood says the fund oversees any money raised, to ensure it’s spent on the purpose listed.

Find out more at the web tool at